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Overflow alarm


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There have been a few tank overflows lately so I thought I would share theses alarms. I bought one from harbor freight but theses from amazon look a lot better and you can use a power adapter along with batteries. They even come with a lead weight if you need to hang the sensor over the water, I like the contacts on this one, would work well in an overflow or sump. I bought two one for the tank overflow and one for the floor by my skimmer (external).


sorry have to get a new phone, its gotten wet to many times and the camera is shot




here is the link to amazon



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They work good, it will go off if you put your fingers across the sensor also both sides even the suction cup are sensors so you could lay it on the floor. The suction cup sticks to acrylic but not much else. I was filling a bucket with RO so i just hung it over the side about half way. It has a loud alarm or "alarm music" which came on when I was outside by the garage, I heard it clearly along with my wife!

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