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Some excess stuff for sale

Blue Z Reef

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Have some odds and ends and projects for you! Make offers on this stuff so I can clean out my fish junk garage a bit! ;)



First is an Acella Ocean Pulse Duo wavemaker -$20 PENDING THECLARK






Reeflo dart/snapper hybrid - works but getting some bearing noise. Comes with rebuild seals and extra bearings to fix noise. -$60 SOLD WANAREEF






Mag float glass (medium I think, see pic) - $5 PENDING THECLARK






SP3000 Niveaumat ATO - this is a project. Doesn't have much lift. Not sure what the deal is. Worked fine for me for a year before taking tank down. Has extra internal hose - $35






40B dual 4" sock holder acrylic - fits in a 40B to make a nice sump sock holder. - FREE






1000 ml vertex bio pellets sealed - $40






Korallen Frankenstein reactor - was a Ca reactor at one time but was in the process of converting to a denitrator. Could also be a nice bio pellet/media reactor. Comes with maxijet 1200. 25" tall with 4" chamber and 7" lid/base - $45






RPS3000 recirc skimmer - pump is out. Good candidate for a pump upgrade, very big and was rated at 400 gal. - $60 SOLD JAYR




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