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WTB 90 cube


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Looking for a 36x24x24 tank was going to get a 60 gallon but I think I have way to much stuff today it in one. Plus my fixture will fit the 90 better. I have a 40 breeder that is up and running with a nice DIY stand, I will be keeping my sump, pumps, lighting, etc but If your interested in the tank and stand I'll throw it in to the deal. It's drilled with a 2 inch drain, and dual returns one on each side. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks!

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Lol I was thinking of making the same upgrade from my 40B. But I think I will wait' date=' sounds like so much work :)[/quote']


Meh not really! I had a standard 90 years ago and I think it's easier to maintain than my 40. More volume means more time for things to go south lol. Plus plumbing and such is fun for me :) also all my equipment minus my skimmer is big enough for a 90. All of my stuff is was bigger than needed on my current system. But I agree if you had to get a new sump, skimmer, lights, pumps, reactors, etc it's a TON of work!

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