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conclusion to my ?


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ok guys i have asked around in many forms if i could drill the back of my jbj 28gal. and was told by many not to do it because it was tempered glass. i was like (nutty) because i was under the impression that only the bottom paine to tanks were tempered. so i decided that i was going to find the answer. i contacted jbj, and they said not to drill the back sump of the tank. they did not tell me if it was tempered. asked them again with no reply. so i think it's just jbj not wanting you to mess with their awesome aio tank like that. so i researched and researched, and found a guy who had in fact drilled the back of his jbj 28gal. and says the back of the tank is no tempered, or it would have surely shattered the tank. so what in conclusion to my search for the truth, i have discoverd for anyone who one day wants to drill their aio tanks on a jbj. 1) it is glass not acrylic on the back sump of the jbj 28gal 2) it is not tempered glass on the back glass of the jbj, only the bottom paine of glass to the entire tank.


plan of action for my diy project.

cut acrylic overflow/sheet out of the jbj, extending the tank an extra 3"

2 x 1" holes for gravity overflows

2 x 1/2" holes for returns, that i will be splitting with a y split of loc-line to create 4 return nozzels in the display.

now i need to find out my bulkheads, and other aspects of the return.

i want to also custom make my sump for under my jbj stand


i'm aiming for about 45x's the flow in the tank it's self so i would be looking for like a 1000gph to 1200gph return pump, thats not including head loss. i will be using vinayl tubing for my return lines and only one 3 y split. two within the display and 1 that splits the return line so i can get two lines to the two 1/2" return holes if that makes since. so what kinda head loss and gph loss will i be looking at. an should i get a bigger return pump then.

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Hmmm that's odd the tank I have was drilled in the bottom originally I sealed it because I wanted it drilled for return and overflow . I just yanked the plastic out because it looks cheap .after that there's the black silicone that held the plastic in that was removed also .then used a straight edge and a razor blade to cut almost to the back and peeled the plastic wrap off . And it gave an extra 3 or 4 inches to play with .. Next is cutting the plastic rim off . But I just broke my dremel ! You should look up glass holes kit . Com ... They have cheap nano overflows and the kit comes with bulk heads even the bit to drill the hole for around 50 bucks . But u can also remove that bit from the kit and its cheaper if you already have it drilled .

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Dude you can always come use mine when I'm done with It. And yes I'm taking it out. I know its an aio tank but that back sump collects so much detrius, and Is a pain to clean, + you are very limited on your skimmers, and how can I get a top notch insump skimmer that's only 3" in diameter. Lol. Gota make space for it.



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