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Upscales/Greg Hillar/Westside


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Well the main reason was for the Upscales Macrolades but while the camera was out


I have had this piece for neaa year and it NEVER showed any polyp ext what so ever. It never had any flatworms come off of it when I tore out all my acros and dipped- so whether the tank is maturing, the Bio pellets, AEFW I did not see or whatever I really dont care. I bought it becuase when I saw it in Reefits tank I had to buy a frag from Jody.


Its by far in my top list of acros-Way to go Travis (rock2)had you not made that order that day who knows if this ever would have seen the popularity it has-






Greg Hillar's Aqua Delight;



Westside's Rose Milli;



Enjoy-I know I am-(whistle)

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Gourgeous stuff!


those pics dont even capture the corals real beauty, its hard holding the camera still while holding a viewing box and camera- but yes they are-Thanks!



Did Travis name the first one?


Yes he did, its got national recognition and is considered a top acro IMO, right there with the Oregon Tort, Purple Monster and the likes. I cant wait for it to grow up!

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How does that work with naming a coral' date=' is it a newly discovered coral? Did Travis somehow change the coloring of an existing? Very curious how this works.[/quote']


its rather simple if I understand the process- you place an order with a trans shipper, the order comes in and you notice a piece thats unique in color ( since the species is macrolades) and slap your name on it. (plotting)


Anybody remember Tim's "westside longhorn" that he sent to Tyree and Tyree put his "marketing stamp" of approval on it? That was a piece that came into to Upscales too.


we can name that brown coral of yours something catchy too (clap) 'Tobys Turd' or 'Flenderson's flatulation" (laugh)dont know just spit balling some ideas (whistle)

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