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Mrs. Wages pickling lime


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So, It doesn't look like Walmart have it, or not at this time a least.


I wanted to ask, what are you guys using to increase the calcium level of your tanks? I'm wanting to do a kalkwasser top off, does anyone know if our LFS have the ingredient for it? or know a place online I can find it for cheap?

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Walmart in Vancouver has it at least last time I was there bust out your phone book . Or google ! Who uses a phone book anymore . Lol . That way u don't waste your time driving everywhere . I don't use kalk . But I just started randy Holmes farleys DIY two part .. Simple and cheap .

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Kalk is good for maintaining calcium. Not as good for increasing calcium.


I have some Kalk that I got at a LFS before it went out of business. I could sell it to you for a few bucks. It would be enough to hold you over until WallyWorld gets it in stock.


You just need to come to Oregon City to get it. Send me a PM if you are interested.



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Its alright, I don't really need it right away. I just need something to maintain my levels.


I'll try the Walmart in Vancouver (calling first lol), if not I'll just go to Homedepot and get ingredient for Randy's two/three part dosing solution.


thanks again guys, this forum is so lively, glad I switched for to salt water.

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You can find it also at any store that's big into canning like True Value, Ace Hardware (out in the Bonnie's where they still can) places like that. There's McClendon's by me but think along the line of canning or go to the Mrs Wages PL main web pager and look where they sell it. I've used it mixed with vinegar for years with success. Follow this link:



hope it works for you and let me know I can send you the ratio to us.

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Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime - Portland, OR




You might try the following stores to purchase the Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime:

Wilco Farm and Fleet Stores




If not in the store, please consult with a store person as they can request the product from the manufacturer, Precision Foods.


Hi guys,


I just wanted to ask does any use Mrs. Wages pickling lime to increase the calcium level in their tank? if so where can I get them in the Portland areas? I went to Safeway and Fredmeyer but they don't carry it.

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