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That aint no stinking fish.....

This is a fish!!!!!




This fish was caught on the Lewis River up in the "Meat Hole". The fish weighed 52 pounds on our scales on the river bank but only weighed 47 pounds with the tackle shop scale where the picture was taken.


This salmon was caught back in 2002 and took me 45 minutes to reel it in from a boat. I was fishing with a Gloomis IMX 10-20# rod.


I was using eggs that had a special cure that we were using that day and catching lots of fish. But truth be told i never hooked this fish with the eggs. My hook went thru the eye of a big ole long line hook. What are the chances of that ever happening a million to one? I guess i should of bought my self a lottery ticket that day.


I will never forget this day, I had the fish mounted by a taxidermist. Just thought I would share.

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