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Coral ID?


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It is! And I actually just noticed another (tinier) one on the same rock while I was looking hard at it. I think the little fluorescent tips are really neat.. I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be this color or if it's browned out because it's at the bottom... I wish I had a macro lens so I could get a better photo. When I touched it the polyps retracted and it's definitely starting to grow out into a small stony branch.


Too bad it's on a large supporting rock at the bottom or I'd move it upward :/

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Well right now the skeleton is white-ish. I don't know if that's normal or if it got bleached from the mini-crash we had last weekend from our nudibranch. The polyps are tiny but a little bit larger than that of say, birdsnest. I will try to post a photo of the skeleton with the polyps retracted..

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Ah calcium level- that's another question I have. Mine seems to be too high! We have been dosing the right amount of trace elements but we're also using Purple Up (I know, people have mixed feelings about that stuff) but now our calcium is above where it should be. Everything else is at the proper level. Should we quit using the purple up? Are there consequences of the calcium being elevated?

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