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Other hobbies? We all have to have em


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Just figured would be cool to see how many other people enjoy the same things. Like myself, I am a car nut, drag taxes since I was 15, I also race banshees when I have time. Annnnnd my other waste of money is RC cars lol.




My daily driver now. Needs work but it's pretty nice





My race toy! 112 hp at the wheels out of 2 cylinders :-)




One of my rc cars




And most importantly my wife and daughter! Coolest things I own hahaha jk





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All my hobbies revolve around water' date=' saltwater reef, 80mph waverunners, and SUP (stand up paddle boarding)[/quote']


Mike have you ever heard of a jetboard? I just stumbled across it on YouTube the other day, it's a cross between a surfboard and jet ski.

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Haha...maybe. but I was definitely raised by one. Its in my blood.


Here is one of my two 14 gun safes. Both crammed full. My dad also has two full ones.



Awesome! We are def a gun family too! My dad also had a 70 gtx that ran a 9.80 naturally aspirated back in the late 80s pretty legit growing up around those type of things!

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Wish I had time for hobbies anymore. seems like life just slowly sucks them out of you.


Used to hunt and fish a lot. Now I get to hunt every couple of years if im lucky. I do get to go to Wyoming deer and antelope hunting in a month or so. So that will be fun.


Dirtbikes. Love to ride in the woods. but have had no time to do that lately. My baby just sits in the garage crying.



Bowling. Had to go to swing shift this year, so I had to give that up.


Golf, way to expensive of a hobby(at least when your a saltwater guy).


I still game on my pc quite a bit at night when all has calmed down.


And of course Reefing, all though the "reefing" part of it has been hard as of late. One day Ill get my tank together and be able to actually call it a "reef".

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