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Coral, Live Rock, and Chiller


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Still have a few Corals, Live Rock and my chiller for sale. Tank is being shut down in 2 weeks but prefer sooner, will make a great deal if you package things.



Shelf rock with green slimmer, purple rim montipora Undata, Chili pepper monti, and the base of a green milli. $40



Another rock with strawberry fields monti, pokerstar monti, and a war coral. $40



Rock with ORA Red Planet base. $25



Rock covered with gorilla nipple zoas. $15



Idaho grape cap frag $10



Seasons greetings frag $10 smaller purple cap frag $5 Alien eye chalice $15 and another pink chalice $15



1/4HP Eco Plus chiller works great on my 120. $250

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