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Hi all!


I am sad to say this but I am needing to breakdown my tank. I will be moving to Seattle in a few weeks and am looking to give my fish to a good home. At the moment I just have two fish that are looking. My Flame angel and my Maroon Clown. I also have a awesome Randlles Pistol Shrimp... I think that's what he called(red and white striped) also the usual cleanup crew that includes a seahare. It hurts to have to do this but it gives me a chance to plan a new tank for the future. Also I would love to keep the rock I have, not sure how I deal with it though, any tips? So if anyone would like some nice healthy fish that have lived in my tiny reef for over 2 years please let me know. I would love to donate them to a happy home. Thanks! and hope to hear from you soon.... also I will not be moving my tank up so if I could donate to tanks for teachers or anyone who would like it... its a 30g Oceanic cube..... the stand needs work but someone can have it too!



Chris Moore

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I'll take the fish and shrimp off your hands, how big is the Flame ?


The best way for your rock is to dry it and let it become dead "LR" and just store it in boxes - easier to move. Have done this to our LR several time - no problems. Just remember to rinse it off before it goes back into the next tank and if you have pests ie manjos hair algae or ?? you can soak the LR in a bleach solution, then soak in fresh water and then dry. You'd be surprised as to how fast it becomes live again in saltwater

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