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Need help with my current build


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I'm putting together a tank for my newborn daughters bedroom. She's 3 months old and absolutely loves my 40 breeder. Since I'm pretty much done with the 40, I started a new project. I just finished tonight with making it rimless. Now I need someone (with experience) to re seal it just so it's safe lol. I'm in Oregon city, will gladly pay a reasonable amount too. Also I've never done a nano so suggestions on powerhead, and a good hob filter, since it will mainly be fowlr.




I'm pretty proud de rimmed it myself!


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You will likely want to add some additional bracing. The black rim wasn't just a beauty trim piece. I've seen other build online where the tank starts to leak after a few months without that. As far as a powerhead a koralia nano would be fine for it. And if it's going to be a fowlr just get a good hob filter or canister.


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would euro brace it ' date=' mp10 or something similar maybe a tunze nano, fuval 110 canister filter or a eshopps skimmer. or just sell it on craigs list (inside joke) and get a bio cube (naner)[/quote']


Lol @craigslist

I got all the stuff to set it up for free so that's why I decided to do it. I'm sure it will be sold sooner or later, heck everything is for sale!

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One-piece, injection-molded plastic fish tank trim is STRUCTURAL.


Most glass aquaria sold today are substantially understrength because one-piece plastic trim holds them together and allows the manufacturers to get away with using thinner, lighter, cheaper glass. Even in small tanks, the silicone adhesive is marginal without the trim backing it up. One-piece structural trim basically acts like two straps that hold a tank together at the top and bottom.


On the plus side, structural plastic trim is the reason we have Petco's dollar-a-gallon sales and why we take glass monster tanks more or less for granted nowadays, but the downside is that these tanks are all rather fragile... Seemingly cosmetic damage to structural trim (...and if anybody has a better turn of phrase than that, I'm all for it -- "structural trim" sounds like a sexual euphemism from Flatland), such as a cracked corner, can fatally weaken an aquarium, and removing the trim for aesthetic reasons is just asking for trouble.


If you want a rimless glass aquarium, fine and dandy, but this is not a good way to go about it. Better to build one yourself or buy one at the LFS.


I'm pretty proud de rimmed it myself!


Having broken a few tanks, myself, trying to get that #%@$*&! plastic trim off, I salute you.

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