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WTB Frag Tank!


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Ok so a while ago my wife gave the go ahead on a bigger tank. (clap) Which was really awesome and I have been looking at all kinds of tanks and sizes foot prints and every thing else. I just have not seen what I was looking for. I am really happy with my current tank and have spent may hours building the tank stand and hood. Getting it all plumbed out and every thing is growing in nicely. Instead of getting a bigger tank I want to get a frag tank and plumb it into my system that way when things get crowded I can frag em off and stick em in the frag tank. So that being said here is what I am looking for........



1. Foot print no bigger then 24x24.


2. Needs to be shallow no more then 18.


3. Has to be drilled for over flow or have built in over flow.


4. Glass or Acrylic either or don't much care.


5. Some scratches are ok no cracks or repairs though.


6. I am not trying to low ball any one but I dont want to spend very much money so under $100




If you have something close to what I am looking for let me know. If you live out side the imediate metro area please provide pictures even if it is just for a $20 dollar tank I dont eant to drive for and hour to find out that its not right for me. I am open to trades but dont have a ton to offer but we can work something out I know there is some one with my frag tank sitting in their garage or closet gathering dust just waiting to come home with me. Thanks for looking =)

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