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Home Decor: Seahorse Aquarium?


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Here's a good one. Fab.com is selling these "Serene Seahorse Systems" as home decor and they're described as Seahorse Kits for the Beginner.




"Kit does not include water or food. (food available at most local pet stores)"


It's pretty disgusting that they're selling these as home decor for the beginner. Live animals are not home decor, and seahorses are not for beginners.

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This is wrong (flame) I have no problem with people keeping fish (obviously) but this should not be their fist critter. Most of us here would attempt to keep seahorses, just too difficult long term (flame)


My hope is that the high cost will help keep people from doing this. $499 for a 8 gallon set up is a lot and $1450 for a 16 gallon is outragious. But I know there are poeple that will pay it :(

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