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Duncan ?


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Ok so my Duncan coral fell off the puck it was on. And glued it on to a new one. But now they are closed up, looking all sick. I noticed I got some glue on their stalk. Is this the reason for them closing up. Everything parameters wise is good, except my phosphates. So I've been doing 3 gal water changes every 2 days. Suggestions guys



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The 'stalk' as you call it is more skeleton (for lack of terms) than anything else and some glue wont matter. Depending on how long they have been closed up like racefan asked might help but overall Duncans are pretty hearty and they may just be irritated from the handling.

As long as you dont see tissue recession or melting all should be fine.


Really for the most part corals can be pretty resilient, its the sudden changes from us 'fixing things' that cause more problems that anything. Keeping things stable and frequent testing so you know the params are keeping stable is key IMO


Hopefully they open back up soon for ya

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