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Is Any-one?

LC Scott

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm going to bump this back up to the top.


I guess I should be specific in what I need to move so.


3 ten gallons

2 twenty gallons

1 fifty five gallon

1 five gallon bucket of sand

some misc. crap that will fit inside one of the tanks

and one MH ballast that weighs a ton (things a beast)


Can you say build thread coming soon?


Seeing as I don't drive I'm will to negotiate.

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I'm in Portland now. I'll be heading south sometime in the late morning. (8/17 around 10 or 11am)


Or, if we can't work it out that soon, I'll be coming back up on either Tuesday or Wednesday.


Text me @ 541 five four three 3268



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