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Nice Used Stuff: MP 10ES, Reef Angel Controller, 36" Nova Extreme Pro, etc.

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Hi everyone,


I usually don't post much of the equipment that we get in here on the site but I got some really nice stuff in from a couple of recent tank tear downs and I thought you all might like a chance at it first.



First up is an Ecotech Marine VorTech MP10ES- This unit comes in it's original box with foam gaurd, spaces, manuals, etc. and is in great shape. The wet side has a bit of coraline algae on it but it is in great working order and one heck of a little pump. This unit was used for right around 1 year and I was the original seller so I know the customer very well and he takes incredible care of his stuff. $189! (SOLD- Karen)



Second up is a Reef Angel Controller- Used for less than two months and is in like new condition. This unit is from the same tank breakdown. Comes with 2 float switches, an 8 outlet box, Controller to USB cable(Purchased in addition to the unit originally), an LED moonlight module(purchased as an upgrade), temp probe, a few random other cables, and an unopened pH probe. Awesome controller at an awesome price. Very easy to program with several great forums and awesome support. This thing can control nearly anything you can think of and has many additional modules if you want to get crazy. $175!


Third up is a 36" Nova Extreme Pro- 6 bulb t-5 unit with legs and 2 month old ATI lamps. Really good-Excellent condition and it comes with the original box. (SOLD- Summer)



Possibly more to come in a few...

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