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Cleaning out the garage


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Well I have some items that I don't plan on using anytime soon on my little nano so I figured I would post them up here.


Bubblemax 3500 Skimmer with Eco633 pump and modded wheel $150 NOW $125



Corallife Skimmer rated at 225 gallons $75 NOW $60



Almost full container of BRS Soda Ash (Alk) $15 NOW $10


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Even better' date=' one less thing to plug in. Definatly interested :)[/quote']


I had it hooked up to the 120 in the cabinet next to it if you remember. It's been awhile now since it was setup but worked great. I was having to do 5 gallons every other day in the 240 so it didn't really matter with using this one.


if your willing to part with the 2 two little fishies phosban reactors without the media (i have tons, so not intetested in it), pm me, if the price is good ill take them off your hands.


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PM Sent

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