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Zombie Tank - back from the dead

Vicarious Cynic

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OK - so I have a 40 gallon tank that I started in May of 2010.



For most if not all of 2011 I neglected it. No water changes, scraping - au natural.

A few weeks ago I was contemplating just taking it down. Instead - I've been cleaning it out.


The good news - Royal Gramma is alive and well, Ricordia are actually thriving - There are 9 in the tank (up from four). Candy Cane coral are alive - and returning well. Even a couple of zoas starting to grow, and the GSP is still alive (with teeny tiny polyps).


The bad news - lots of stuff is gone. Torch coral and lots of different zoas, some polyps.


The really bad news - bryopsis, cyanobacteria, and flatworms.


Seven partial water changes in two plus weeks, alot of scraping, more scraping, filtration changes and toothbrush scrubbing of half the rocks - plus a cuc (hermits, turbos and an Emerald crab) and the bryo seems manageble. The cyno was treated. Waiting to treat the flatworms til I have more gunk out of the tank. Been trying to filter them out with every water change.


I think that my royal gramma has owned the reef - the emerald crab seems to be hiding in a small pile of rubble in the corner. It was underneath the flap of a large ricordia for a couple of days. I think I need to take the rock down and rebuild it differently before I put another fish in. I'd like to try a six line wrasse before using the eXit drops for the flatworms.


Thoughts, opinions and advice are welcome.


PS - anybody have a used RO/DI unit?

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Ok here are some photos of the tank today. Still struggling with the bryopsis, but the cyano and the flatworms are gone. I added a blue chromis and a six line wrasse (after rearranging the rock). They are both flatworm mackers. Did not need the chemical treatment.


The one photo of the white palys - that plug was bare after I cleaned my tank - these things started growing like mad!


I don't have any photos of the zoos that Big John Woody hooked me up with today - but they are all open and beautiful. Thanks for the sweet hook up John!


Full tank



Miracle palys



Candy cane coming back



Three ric rock (I'll get a better photo of this soon)


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Couple more photo - all a little too blue. I'm working on that.


Turbo leaning on a stem. This is the stem that has resurrected with palys since the cleaning of the tank. They are pure white - which is cool. I'm thinking they may color out to turquoise as I had some turquoise on that stick.



Candy apple red polyps from Big John Woody - with my gramma swinging through for a looksie.


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