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another new fish


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Well I may be getting close to being done adding new fish, but this has been on the "wanted" list and SWF brought 1 in and I had to grab it.

After getting is clock cleaned the first 24 hours by my gold rim tang (who is just a (censored) towards any new fish additions) things are thankfully fine


Japanese Swallowtail (Angelfish thats reef safe-(clap))





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Do you have a female also? I'd be interested to see if the stripes stay or not. I got a pair and the male has reverted to female coloration.


Cos said you had both-I told him to order me a pair and nothing happened with it, I was in SWF the day Patrick got a shipment in and this was one of the fish so I sucked it up-


Was you male the larger of the 2? The fish thing is relatively new to me and I was told that some "change" sex?????? I have not read anything on that it was just what I was told-


Sounds "fishey"

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The male genicathus angels like the bellus, watanabe, and swallowtail can and do revert back to female coloration's. They don't actually become a female again, but the theory is that in the wild they live in harem with one male and several females, so the male is always dominantly displaying its colors so none of the females become male. They think when they are in captivity, they no longer feel the need to display the coloration so they revert back to female colors....


I have had 2 pairs of genicanthus angels. My first was a pair of bellus. The male was stunning and kept his colors for the 2 years I had them. I witness spawning on a regular basis with this pair. I unfortunately lost these while on vacation and had a top-off failure :(


My second pair is the swallowtails I have now. The male came in very similar to yours with full male stripes. My pair rarely interacts and I have never seen any spawning behavior in the pair. Within about a month or two of adding them, the males stripes had all but disappeared. You can only see a faint "shaddow" of where they used to be now.


I have read many reports on reefcentral about this phenomenon. If you have some time look up the thread "for the love of genicanthus" on RC and you will see many occurrences of this happening.



Hopefully it wont happen with yours but if it was me I would be on the lookout for a female ASAP.

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