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Moving day for the Pico Reef.


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My first piece of furniture just went over to the fiance's house in preparation for me moving in--the cabinet for my reef tank(s).


I'm gearing up right now to move my 2 gallon pico reef today. Shouldn't be too difficult because of it's small size. I already have the new location set up and ready to go.


I'm going to drain half of the water, cover the top in Saran wrap to prevent splashing, and drive it over to the fiance's house. It's only 8 blocks, so I should be able to get it there without disturbing anything too severely. It'll obviously be getting a 50% water change in the process, and I'll be monitoring parameters over the next week or two to make sure I don't start a mini-cycle, but I don't expect that to happen as total move time will be about 25 minutes from the time I power it down to the time I get it set back up and power it up. Right now, I'm cleaning off the rock with a turkey baster (part of the normal weekly maintenance) and trying to remove as much detritus from the tank as physically possible before moving it.


My fiance is very excited to have it there and she's excited for the new custom 10 gallon TruVu tank that will be arriving in a week or two which will be the new home of my tiny sixline wrasse that was supposed to be a temporary visitor to clean up the flatworms. We fell in love with her and the inevitable upsizing of tanks ensued. I know, I know... next step, 120 gallon, then 250 gallon, then... then... No, no. For now 10 gallon is going to be it.


It will be quite the eclectic mix of pets in one house. Fish, corals, shrimp, crabs, dogs and an African Grey parrot.

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