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Something I always wondered about tiny brittle stars...


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I am curious if others have experienced this before, I had my tank for almost a year, toward the end I noticed a HUGE abundance of tiny brittle stars, when I would do a partial water change, ALL of the tiny brittle stars would come out and seem to seek the highest point they could find and use thier legs to get thier main part of thier body as high as possible and do what looks like release eggs??? At first I thought something was horribly wrong and that they where dieing, but this behavior happened again and again with every water change, and the "Spawning" took place within minutes of me adding the new water to the tank.


Has anyone else noticed thier inverts "spawning", specifically small brittle star fish? Its something I always wondered about, and didn't know if it was normal or if I was doing something to cause it.

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