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WTS 120 Gallon Complete Aquarium Setup


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I have a 120 gallon complete aquarium setup that I’m looking to sell. It includes everything you see in the pictures plus a few additional items.



120 gallon glass aquarium (4’x2’x2’)

Matching wood canopy and stand

Sand (enough to cover the bottom of the tank with 3 inches)

Live rock (very rough guess of 60 pounds)

2 power heads

26 gallon acrylic sump

Sump light that attaches to the sump

Protein skimmer

Gen X water pump (PCX 40)

4 120W VHO Fluorescent lights (2 blue and 2 white)

2 400W Metal Halide lights

Blue LED moon lighting

Automatic timer for lights


Removable plastic covers to keep fish from jumping out

Saltwater test kit and assorted chemicals


¼ hp chiller

About 20 pounds of aquarium salt

Miscellaneous supplies (net, siphon, extra pump, some food, magnetic glass cleaner, etc)



2 orange clownfish

1 royal gramma

1 blue tang

1 purple pseudochromis

1 diamond goby

1 melanarus wrasse

Many nuisance aptasia

Several assorted snails and crabs

Approximately 30 mushrooms


I’m not interested in selling things separately. There are a few minor scratches on the glass and the chiller is rusty, but otherwise everything is in good condition. I’m asking $900 for everything. Cash only. I live in Tualatin, OR and can help you load everything up.


Saltwater aquarium fish tank






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