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Trade live rock? (Longview area)


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Hits peeps...


I have a 4 month old 120 that I'm still "maturing". I have one rock in it from my old tank that sat in warm water for 9 months in the dark that seeded bacteria and (the mixed blessing) coralline. I also bought a "'pod seed pack" online. Other than that, the micro fauna in my tank is pretty lacking. (Oh ya, Roy gave me some asterinas out of his tank.)


I'm looking to expand the diversity of micro fauna in my tank and would like to trade rocks with someone for a few months.


My rock that I'll trade is about the size of a cantaloupe and is pretty round with a flat bottom. I'm not looking to trade macro stuff so I'll brush any snails off of it but it will have miscellaneous copepods, maroon and purple coralline, red/orange micro fan worms (at least two) and whatever else I can't see.


I don't have any worms (bristle, spaghetti, etc.), nasty algaes, or other stuff most might consider "pests".


Basically, I'm looking o trade a rock of roughly equal side for about three months and then swap back.


Please let me know if you're interested!





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Oh heck ya Roy! I was thinking about buying some from ipsf.com -6 for 20 bucks. How much do you want for 'em and when is a good time to stop by? Next Sunday is best for me- working 6 10s a week right now.


Thanks again...



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