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My Alkalinity keeps rising, not sure why. Or how to lower it.


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So I am having a problem with my Alkalinity rising. I have been testing for a couple weeks now and usually it is about 8 - 10. I having been dosing small amounts of calcium to try and keep it above 400. I did a water change on Friday (10 %) and when I tested my KH on Saturday it was at 11. Then I tested it on Sunday and it was at 12. I tried to add a little more calcium ( I think it should make my KH go down, correct me if I am wrong) and no change. Please help.


Thank you for the help.

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Well there is a fine balance in our tanks between alk and calcium. Then we go and throw in magnesium, which helps keep them in balance, and now we have a whole bunch of stuff to test!!! (laugh)


To be able to help you out we need to know your calcium and it would really help to know your magnesium.

How often are you doing WCs?

How old is the tank?

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Ok so things need to be done slow obviously :)


I think your alk is a little high, some people run it that high but natural has alk of 7-8dKH. I would refrain from adding anything for a few days, but keep testing. I think you are just throwing things a little more out of whack.


Here is a good calculator for anytime you need to adjust. I use this all the time.




And take some of your water over to Garrett and have him test it for ya, that way we know and have confirmation of all your parameters. Then we can make adjustments from there.

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I agree that your newly mixed saltwater must be higher in alk than you want. Have you ever tested your newly made water for alk? It is not possible for your tank to increase in alkalinity unless you are adding it somehow through chemicals or water changes.

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