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2.5 pico


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I just finished moving the last of what I handing my 2.5 into my 8 gallon cube. (clap)

I am asking $60 or trade for the 2.5 gallon tank, dual 13 watt pc jalli light, heater and 73 GPH micro-jet powerhead. I had a lot of fun with this tank but I need to do a little consolidating.










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Is this big enough for a couple of seahorses ?


I believe a pair of the dwarf seahorses would do well in this size tank; the only issue is that with this small of a setup your temp an salinity can swing drastically. A five gallon tank would probably be a better choice for dwarf seahorses only because it would double your water volume and create a more stable system.


P.S. Dwarf seahorses must be fed LIVE baby brine but I hear they breed like crazy!

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