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This Can't Be Good....


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So, we recently (three weeks ago) mounted this beautiful piece in our tank using gel super glue and TLF epoxy-putty stuff. There is some serious necrosis going on at the base. The flesh is just falling off.


All other SPS's LPS's Softies and inhabitants are doing well, all parameters are within normal limits.


Ideas? Should I just break off the dieing part? Iodine baths for SPS is iffy from what I have read.



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It could be that those parts just didn't have enouph flow, or light, sometimes they don't like being supperglued, could be any # of things, best to just take the frag back off and clip the dead off and glue back down, maybe if you can try not superglueing the ncoral to the epoxy, just the epoxy to the rock.

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