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Eugene Area Brewfest?


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I'm thinking about having a brewing party sometime in the next month. Anyone who does home brewing, or has interest in home brewing is welcome to come and help plan. If you have any cool contraptions to bring, please do, since I do not have everything for a 'perfect batch'. Also this is BYOC (bring your own carboy!)


Let me know if you are interested, what dates and times work for you, and what you might want to bring. Also it would be fun for everyone to bring a few bottles of their favorite beer.


I'll start:

Weekdays: After 5:00pm, Weekends: All day.


I have:

Boil proof ladle, EZ siphon and hose, funnel and screen, tub for sanitizing, sanitizer (the good stuff, not that iodine crap.)


We will need:

Banjo burner + propane, stock pot, thermometer, hydrometer.

If you have some gizmo to steep grains or one of those cooling contraptions, bring it along!


You will need (for your batch):

Carboy, airlock, grain bags, the recipe and ingredients of your choice.


Brewing is a fun, cheap, and easy hobby for anyone to get into, and if you have considered it in the past, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to see what's involved and watch the first phase done step by step!

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I have been seriously considering trying the homebrew thing. I don't have any equipment, but would love to come see what is involved. And I'd be more than willing to bring a few dead guys or mirror ponds to share. My schedule is almost the same as yours.




I LIKE your taste, Bobby!

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And if Franklin decides to come' date=' we can call it the 'First Annual Eugene Stinky Hippy Reefer Hoptastic Brewstravaganza and Tasting Celebration Extraordinaire!'[/quote']


Hey Max! Great to have ya in town again!!!


Miles is also quite the brewer. I gotta feeling that he has been busy lately with his baby boy?

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Looks like I will be headed over to Valley Vintner and picking out a recipe(scratch) for next weekend. Anybody have any suggestions? I might even do two batches since i have 4 carboys(plotting). So you all know that when these brews are ready, we will have to get together again and drink them together. (naughty)

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I might not be able to do any brewing, depends on how the baby is doing that day. Might only be able to get away for an hour or 2 max, but i'll bring over some SMaSH brews i did, an Amber i brewed a year ago, and my Dead Guy Ale clone for all to try :D

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