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I'm going to have a 10 gallon and a 29 gallon to plumb as a live sump for my 55. I'm thinking of a drain/skimmer section on the left of the 10 gallon to a center section for GAC/GFO/algae scrubber/whatever and a small return section (on right) with a mag 5. Return will split to a (normally off) pipe back to Skimmer section, a pipe as the DT return and a pipe to the right side of the 29 gallon which will have a bunch of rock and maybe two frag rack or two.29 will be drilled to drain to return section of 10gallon.


Sound like a good use of what I've got to work with?

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I'm hoping to squeeze that all in to the 10...still need to measure to be sure.

Mag 5 is supposed to be about 350gph at the head height I'll have, shave off 100 of those to the 29 and I'll still have 5x in the display is that not enough? It's not like it's the only DT water movement...

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I now have a 29...I was going to use it to hold as much rock as possible and maybe a frag rack.


I plan on the GAC being passive, just a bag in the section, could even be in the pump/return section so I'd just have some eggcrate or foam to gather algae and the GFO is really a maybe at this point. should I ditch this whole two-tank thing and just put it all in the 29? I really liked the idea of it being separate...


planning over/under baffle after skimmer/drain and just a short baffle (maybe none?) before the pump...

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k...new plan. sump from Serge is ~25 gallons. it has baffles that I can (barely) fit the drains/sock and my skimmer behind (under baffle then a tall over baffle).


Planning to add another under baffle ~6" from the other end for a return section. I'll probably leave about 2" of open space under this last baffle and I'll put some prefilter foam in front of it to keep the macro out of the return section. I want to pack what's left with macro, probably just chaeto (at least for now). maybe later I'll put some other macro on a shallow sand bed, but not now. Perhaps to prepare for that, I'll put a 4" over baffle in the center of the middle section so I could separate the chaeto and the sandbed.


Anyways, this is a 25 gallon sump on a 55gallon display. I'm planning on running it at about 20 gallons in the sump which should leave 5 gallons for emergency drainage (reef central calculator says 2.5 is needed). that will allow a 10% water change by more or less drying the sump (minus the skimmer section) and refilling it. I'll diy a overflow box (has its own thread) and run a danner mag 7 that partially recirculates the flow to the skimmer section, partially returns to the DT.


note: this leaves me essentially 0 room for other reactors/filters etc. I plan on using felt filter socks on the drains to clarify the water and I'm counting on my skimmer and the chaeto for the rest...sound reasonable?


also might stick a little rock in the sump...we'll see

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