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75 Gal Plex w/ Hood,Stand ,lights,sump skimmer,LR,LS Package active reef


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I just transfred all my live stock over to my 170 gal


what I have is a 75 gal plex used tank with Nice Hood and Stand (Paid $60)


(2) 175 watt MH with 14 K bulbs. Bulbs are 30 days old (payed $200 for ballest and $86 for the bulbs)

(1) T8 48" 43 watt atinic Blue with new 14k bulb (Paid $48 for 14k and lite and $ 36 for blue bulb)

20 Gal Sump (Paid $ 60)

New Skimmer for 150 gal (Paid $135)

Return Pump 800 GPH (Paid $ 75)

300 watt heater ( paid $35)


All LR and Sand came out of a 14 year old system

100 lbs live rock a lot of coraline alg on it (worth $500 at LFS I wont $200 most of it is drill for 1/2"PVC)

60 lbs of live sand and crush coral (paid $60)


there around 30 baby brittle stars on Live rock and in sand



(1) large golden striped marron clown female 6 years old Paid $54


Paid $1349.00 all in the last 6 months


make me a offer.



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