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Hello everyone,


I know I should wait to share until I get the whole setup in but I'm too excited to not tell everyone(laugh)


Tank stand still MIA but coming soon as well as many other pieces(plotting)


My 75 gallon with internal overflow is finally home


and a brand new but supprizingly dusty sump


Sorry for the cruddy pix I have to use my cell phone for now. This hobby is much more expencive then I thought it could be so no new camera for now(sad)


By the way what is the best way to make saltwater to start with? Should I just add it to the system after I fill the tank? I'll need to start with about 90 gallons between the sump and tank. Small batches just seems impractical(scratch)


Is there a brand of salt that is better than the others or one I should avoid. I have read that "fast disolving" salts can lead to problems down the way


As always I thank everone for their help. This is so new to me that I can use all the help I can getDOH!

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