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WWT SandShifting Starfish


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Astropecten polycanthus.

I got this guy for my birthday, but I don't think my tank will be able to sustain him/her in the long run. S/he is very active, seems healthy and shifting what little sand is available for him/her, but with all the research I have seen, IT needs an established tank >1year, 120G or bigger preferably with a DSB. It was down a leg when I got it but have seen the beginning of the regeneration of the new limb (pretty cool). Up for trade to a good home, these echinoderms are pretty sensitive to salinity and pH changes, so a good home must promise a well attended acclamation. ...Geese I didn't realize it until I started writing this, but I guess i'm attached to the little critter.(sad)


Looking for a frag of softies/zoas/lps or whathave-you.


Adoption applications will accepted via PMs. Thanks. (whistle)



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I got mine within a few months of my tank being started and now it's well over a year old. Everyone had different prefrences though. Good luck on the adoption

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Yeah, my tank is just a 55 and most of the sand bed is under LR, there isn't too much for it to roam.

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