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Last chance for large colonies


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OK gang, I am getting ready to tear down my display tank, and still have some nice large corals to sell. If y'all don't buy them, they'll be headed to the LFS, so make me an offer I can't refuse.


Pick up from my house in Oregon City. If you spend more than $100, I can meet you/deliver somewhere in the PDX area. I'm available most evenings and at various times on weekends.


Photos are with my point and shoot under 250W Phoenix 14k bulbs. I have done my best to represent the true colors of the coral and not jack them up with saturation, etc. Most of them actually look better than the pictures. Also, a number of them are ticked off in the photos because I did a big glass scraping and moved some things around just before the photo shoot (smart, I know).


Sizes shown are my best estimate using a plastic ruler submerged in the tank.



Green monti cap - 6" x 4" x 6" - Was $100, now $85 Pending Mark

This thing is growing on the back of my tank. Very large and nice color green with white rims.



Sunset monti - 5" x 3" - Was $125, now $100

I can't get the photo color right on this thing. A nice piece I got from Isaac before he opened his shop, and it has just grown and grown since then. Frag this up and you'll have several hundred dollars worth of frags.



Sarcophyton - tonga yellow leather - 7" x 4" - Was $75 now $65 - Pending Ken

Nice, big yellow piece I got from Upscales a few years ago. Moves in the current nicely.



Red echinopora chalice with teal splash in center - 6" x 5" - Was $250 now $200

Got this from Isaac at Seahorse a few years ago and it has doubled in size since then. Very, very nice piece.



2 Fungia!

#1 - huge & purple (5" dia) - Was $100 now $85 - Only puts out tentacles at night.

#2 - green with orange mouth - 3" dia - Was $35 now $25 - Got this from Stylaster's fungia factory a couple of years ago. Pretty fast growing.



Red chalice with green shades - 3" x 4" - Was $100 now $85

If you're into chalices, this is a great one for you - nice and big, lots of polyps. The color is really difficult to photograph and/or describe. Primarily red body with overtones of deep green. Does best in the shade/lower light.

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