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New additions to the Pioneer school!


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I did another water change at the school. Becky who is in charge of maintaining the tank during the week helped out!


I have to say I was a little worried as the school was closed for 3 weeks and the custodians were feeding the fish.(scary)(scary)


The tank was quite dirty at first she said but she did a good job cleaning it up and it doesn't look bad at all and all of the fish and corals are alive and well!(clap)(clap)




I replaced the powerhead that had suction cups with a Koralia so hopefully they will have less issues with the powerhead falling over




Last month with the proceeds from my classifieds, I bought this Yuma rock from Jonas's brother. It is very nice. The yumas are stressed because I just had put them in the tank but Becky liked the color! I also added a Diamond Goby I bought from Jonas last month when he broke down his tank but Mr. Goby is hiding in the rocks now! He was so hard to get out of my frag tank!




This is just a random picture of a frogspawn that is growing like a weed





Sorry there's not more pictures. It was difficult to get good shots with the blinds up and the light shining in. I have to say it is tempting to put up a softie tank like this that really requires very low maintenance and is still great to look at! No supplementing, no testing, no filter sock, feeding 3 times a day and a 5 gallon water change every 4 to 6 weeks!



Thanks again everyone for all the support of this wonderful program!(clap)(clap) Thanks Jonas for the good deal on the Goby. THank your brother for the sweet deal on the Yuma rock. Thanks again Nick at Rosecity for continually supplying the freshwater for topoff. Also thanks Gogators for the donation of binders. I dropped those off today too!

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Looks good Kim' date=' great job! How many fish are in there now?[/quote']


Thanks Steve. There's only 20 fish in the 40 breeder so we have room for about 2 more....





wait for it......




Just kidding!:p Off the top of my head theres:(scratch)

purple firefish (from Westside)

2 cinnamon clowns and 1 Ocellaris(donated from Barelycuda)

1 Mono (Nick from Rosecity)

1 Foxface (donated by Beth and me originally from Ed's reef)

1 Coral beauty (From Garrett)

1 Goby (donated by Beth and me originally from Jonas)

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