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Light pink Pulsing Xenia frags for sale


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I have 3 good size frags of pulsing Xenia for sale for $10.00 each. Here is the picture:




I also have 1 big colony of teal candy cane (>20 heads) for $25. Below a picture of part of the colony that I broke off for myself. The picture gives you an idea what the coral looks like.




Please Note: Both of these frags are in my nano that got infested by flat worms and the tank is being treated with flatworm exit. A lot of then died during first treatment but there are a few that are still surviving, but will die in few days! I'll dip the frags in flatworm exit dip before packing them for you!


I also have several other sps frags for $10.00 each if you are interested. These are in my main tank WITHOUT any pests :)

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Ok. So I have been treating my tank for flat worms and they are GONE!!!


I ODed the tank and nearly lost the corals but they are all back now. So if you are interested, please let me know. As an added precaution ( and to comfort the buyer:)) I'll dip the corals in dip before putting it in the bag.

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