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WTB Black Longspine, Halloween Hermit and 11 Green Chromis


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Title says it all... lookin' to buy the above and would rather take them off the hands of someone who wants to get rid of them before I bought them from a store.


Oh ya, add a Zebra Striped Turbo to the list too!


Of course I'll pay ya, just give me a reasonable price.

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To Kimberlee,

My appologies for if my post came off as a backstabbing sales tactic. I certainly didn't mean it in any way other than helpful to the original posters WTB. Please don't take it as anything negative.


Now backt to the topic.


long spine urchins are algae eating machines but definitely head BigJohs warning. They can in rare cases be coral eaters lol.

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Np garrett, your point is taken! :)


Anyway, I don't plan on having any sps for a long while, and my tank is 120 gallons, so there will be plenty of coralline once it gets established. but thanks for the heads up about them eating corals... if it does become a problem, I'd just replace it with some other algae eater.


But, as of an hour ago, this whole thread is moot. I just found out the counter-counter-counter offer we put on an abode we've been drooling over was accepted today, so expect a "any tips for moving a tank" thread soon...





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Congratulations! Lots of rubbermaid totes and buckets and a few guys with strong backs willing to help with the move :)


Be very careful with the rubbermaids! I have a long but educational story about my move using rubbermaid totes. I would recommend 5 gallon buckets with screw on lids. I typed up my moving experience before, I'll try to find it and cut / paste here so you don't learn the same lesson I did. ;)

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