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Quality Live Rock!


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I've got 145+ pounds of live rock that I've re-seeded over the last nine months.


This was all live rock from two of my large display tanks that I tore down a while back and let dry out, it's now fully seeded, live and 100% PEST FREE! No algae or aptasia to worry about.


It's a mixture of Fiji, Marshall Islands and a few pieces of Tonga. A lot of larger pieces and a few very cool looking show pieces, I didn't even weigh the small stuff.


I'm not interested in splitting it up, I'm looking for one person to take it all.


$250 takes it all. That's less than $1.75 per pound!




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Free bump for a great seller and cool guy!



BTW I ended up buying a wake pro about a month ago and liked it so much I just bought a x model race ski this weekend, lol. I need to borrow one of your wake skates to see if my old a$$ can get up ;) I bought a hyperlite wakeboard a few weeks ago and have been beating myself up

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