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wts 100gallon hob skimmer


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revival...$50? probably obo


also, I'll be driving up I-5 and 205 out hwy 14 on either fri night or saturday so I could meet up with people I'd consider a trade for circ pump (preferably <750gph, that I can use with a JBJ wavemaker), 3/4" or 1" bulkheads (up to about 5), 4' T5 bulbs, or maybe to use it towards a high-quality 90g glass tank (just the tank)

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Ope for (full/part) trades for, in rough order of preference:

ATO setup I can use with a tempered glass sump (no drilling possible)

1/4" glass I can use for a C2C overflow in the 90 (preferably a 3" square by 48" box)

koralia 1050

bristletooth or yellow tang

phosban reactor

lps frags

bristletooth or yellow tang

led moonlight setup for the 90g

small uv sterilizer (for a 130ish gallon system)

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