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Tank Sell Off


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Everything is sold on a first come first serve basis, we will not hold anything due to people not showing up


LIVE ROCK 100 pounds for $125, some with mushrooms, zoas, palys and other soft corals, montis and SPS pieces still attached SOLD


AlgaeFree PIRANHA Magnet Cleaner / Scraper $20 SOLD




Stand and Canopy *********$400

6x2x2 Solid wood stand with rubberized bottom mat and water resistant paint with Shelves

Custom build solid wood hood with hidden ballast box water resistant paint Flip up doors on three sides and top opens




1-250 MH double ended Hamilton pendent and bulb with single ballast ******$75

2-250 MH single ended Lumen Max Elite hoods and bulbs with dual ballast *******$150

Set of 2 VHO end caps and ballast with 2 6' actinic bulbs $50



Custom build sump 4 chambers, filter sock holder, large center chamber, refugium

16x16x48 40gallons heavy duty with reinforced edges custom built by Davy Jones $250.





Royal Grama $10 SOLD,

Sailfin Tang $30 SOLD





large green palys 20 head 5.00 SOLD

Orange Zoa 12 polyps $15 SOLD

Hamerhead colony 13 main heads 12 new branchs $15 SOLD

Frags of Purple Haze monti 10-1 inch frags $5.00 SOLD 8- 2 inch frags $10 and 4 -4 inch frags $20

Green cupping monti frags 1-2inch at $10 1- 4 inch frag $10

Oregon Grape monti frag $ 4 inch frag $10

yellow Acopora 1 inch frag $10









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I am sorry for any inconvenience. I have a history of people saying they will show, then don't. I have been up front with everyone that all items are on a first come basis and asked anyone wanting something at a later time to call before they come over to make sure we still have it. Fred, I hope you find another hippo tang.

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