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Sick mushrooms?


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I bought a rock with a few mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp.) on it a few months ago and they never seemed to settle. All other softies, LPS, SPS, and other inhabitants are doing well as are my other mushrooms. just not these. (scratch) I've tried moving them to different parts of the tank, top bottom, nothing seems to make them happy. They seemed pretty happy and very open at the LFS, What could be wrong? Advice?


Ammonia – 0ppm (maybe .25)

Nitrites - 0ppm

Nitrates - 0ppm

Phosphates - 0ppm

Alkalinity - 7dKH

CA is a bit high as of late, but normally 450-ish

PH - 8.2

Salinity – .025

Temp – 80





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I had a mushroom look this way (and worse) for like a year, and all I did was leave i alone. Now it has split into three and they are huge! who knows... On a side note your alk seems a bit on the low side and the tank seems a little on the warm side. I've always experienced much better results with a dkh of about 9.5 -10. If you decide to raise it remember to only raise it about a half a point at most within a given 12 hour period. It is difficult if not impossible for coral to absorb calcium with a dkh as low as 7.

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