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ALL OF MY TANKS FOR SALE!!! Rimless Cube, Solana, Custom Wood Setup, Etc...


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Ok so as some of you may know, I will be moving away from the great Northwest for a few years. I am moving to Ohio for the next 2-3 years until we come back, and the odds of me being able to set up big tanks back there will be pretty slim. So sadly I will not be able to take my tanks and equipment with me, and I do not want to pay to store everything for a couple of years.

I am going to try to keep a tank once I get all settled in here in Ohio, but it will likely be smaller, and I can just buy something back here to save moving it. So to make a long story short, it is all for sale. Pictures are limited to pictures I already have (seeing as I am in Ohio right now, and have been for the past 1.5 months). I can try to get my wife to snap a couple quick ones if someone is truly interested, and I will most likely add more to this list as I remember what all I have sitting in the garage.


So here we go...

CUBE setup sold....


I also have the lighting I was planning on using on this setup...a 250w ballast and large SE Lumenarc reflector. I think I have some bulbs around with some life also on them that would be included as well. $100



Also I will be needing to sell my current setup that I have running...a custom built, all in one system. I believe it is around 100 gallons for the main display, plus the side refugium, and the sump in the bottom...so maybe 130gallons give or take? (again I am estimating, I am not at home to measure/take better pictures). Everything is already plumbed, and currently running. VERY cool setup, all inclusive. It has a canopy portion that is not in the pictures, which currently has endcaps and vho bulbs in it (I think I have some old vho ballasts that came with it as well, probably dont work, but might be worth playing with to see if they do). Plus in the stand, there is a custom built fully enclosed sump, plumbed into an external pump that returns back up to the main display. Also in the stand is a quarantine tank, and there is a smaller skimmer that came with the setup that will be included as well. Also I will give the buyer another large external pump. So this really is a full and complete setup. You could have the sand that is in the tank running right now also if you want it. Asking $550 for everything. Alright if someone wants this setup, $300 and its yours! I really want to get this gone before the end of the month.







Finally my last tank I have is my 34 gal Solana. Tank and Stand, pretty sure I have a heater, and can throw in a powerhead as well, and includes a little return pump that is in the back chamber. The stand is a heavy duty wood stand, with storage underneath. Much stronger than the original stock Solana stands. - $300PRICE REDUCED THIS WEEK $250



I do have a lumenmax 3 reflector, it is like new, gently used, still in the original box. It comes with a 250w bulb. If you are interested in it shoot me a PM.



Oh and I almost forgot, I have a big ATI Bubble Master skimmer with pump. Havent thought about pricing, but this thing is a killer skimmer, again if interested shoot me a PM.


I will probably have other random misc stuff come up that I have forgotten about, but this should be most of the big stuff. I will be selling off most of my corals and LR as well...people buying other stuff will get first crack at livestock, then I will likely start a separate thread for that stuff.


I need as much as possible gone by the end of October....so make me some offers!

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What size is the atb skimmer and what do you want for it.



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It is an ATI bubblemaster 200 I believe (20" tall version). Has the aquabee pump, and it is the blue acrylic version, not the white. I am open to offers, shoot me a PM if you are interested. Also I would be interested in trading for a smaller cone style skimmer, this one is just going to be too big for the next setup I run.

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