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Acclemating tank to new lights


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I bought the duel 250w setup that Tat2d was selling yesterday. I've got the reflectors mounted 7" off the water (3" higher than before) and that's pretty much the highest I can go. Because these are new bulbs, and the bulb I had on before was...... old.



Anyways, the tank look 1000% brighter. So how do I keep from frying all my corals? I was thinking reduce the time the halides are on. Start at 2 hrs, go up an hour every 2 or three days. Will that be enough?

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You can start high and lower the light every so often or use screen. If you go the screen route, cut it to fit the top of the tank and use 3-4 layers. Every few days/weeks remove a layer. I think lowering the time might work but the intensity will still be there and it doesn't take long to burn corals.

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