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New Store SPECIALS. New fish and inverts are in!

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Hello Everyone! I received a couple of real nice orders earlier in the week and just haven't had the time to make a post until now.


Lots of new and exciting stuff in but here are a few specials to convince everyone to swing by!






For every $50 spent on livestock, get a FREE package of Tiger Plugs/Discs/Rocks, made by Roger's(Mr.S) students down in Albany! Support TFT while supporting your favorite LFS!







5 Bar Mystery Wrasse- These guys are a great utility wrasse and provide a really unique look to your tank. Collected in waters between 200-300ft, these guys are relatively uncommon. Weekend price: 1 @ $59.99!!!




Flame Angel- These guys are one of the brightest fish you can add to your tank and they do a nice job grazing on algae most of the day. These two are nice little guys as well. Weekend price: 2 @ $39.99ea!!!




Starry Blenny- An awesome algae eater that adds some unique personality to your tank. These guys are similar to the lawnmower blenny but with darker coloration and are less common. a few @ $19.99ea!!!




Red Scooter Dragonet- Add some color with these interesting little critters from the Indian Ocean! Similar to the standard scooter blenny/dragonet, these guys are just much brighter and more uncommon. 2 @ 19.99ea!!!




Bali Sea Hare- Think you have an algae problem starting or in full swing? These guys are incredible at consuming tons of algae. I have seen tanks covered in hair algae look sparkling clean in a couple of days after adding one of these guys! Interesting critter with an appetite! 3 @ 19.99ea!!!




Blue Linkia Starfish- One of the prettiest editions to a reef tank, the blue linkia catches the attention of everone that sees it! These guys are a good size and are fat and healthy. 3 @ $24.99ea!!! For a nice contrast, add an Orange Linkia as well!! 2 @ $23.99ea!!!





Indo Pacific Anemone Crab- I have 2 varieties of these guys in. They will host many soft and LPS corals as well as many anemone varieties. I personally like them with Maxi Mini Carpets! 4 @ $15.99ea!!!





Indo Pacific Nerite Snails- These guys have giant mouths for their little bodies and eat a ton of algae. Very interesting shell patterns and colors! $1.29ea!!




Astrea Turbo Snails- The most popular of all algae eaters and for good reason, these guys are constant cleaners! This week $.99ea!!!




Mexican Red Leg Hermits- A popular algae, left over food, and detritus eater, the Mexican Red Leg Hermit is a must have! This week $.99ea!!!




Pacific Cerith Snails- These guys are great sand sifters and will also clean the rock and glass of algae. This is the hardest variety of cerith snail to keep in stock and for good reason! $1.29ea!!!




Hi Fin Goby and Candy Pistol Shrimp Pair- This is an intersting symbiosis that never gets old to watch! I have other varieties of shrimp/prawn gobies in as well. 1 pair for $39.99! 1 Hi Fin Goby solo @ $19.99!!





Some examples of some of the other critters in stock now!!


Small Cortez Rays!!!



Powder Blue Tang!!



Flame Hawkfish!!



Hawaiian Yellow Tangs!!



The Incredible Mother Dragonet/Blenny, Green and Spotted Mandarin Dragonets(most eating frozena already!)





Mexican Tequila Snails, Tongan Nassarius Snails, and Chestnut Nassarius Snails!!!





Orange/Red Striped Hermits, Dwarf Blue Leg, and Electric Blue Leg Hermits!!!





Skunk Cleaner, Peppermint, Fire, and Harlequin Shrimp!!!






There is too much to list!!!



Lots of nice Softies and LPS corals including some pretty sweet looking chalices and various Euphylia! Some Beautiful larger Squamosa Clams!




Lots of dry and frozen food in stock and at great prices!!


Rods Food

PE Mysis


H2O Ocean blister packs

Clams of the half shell




Fish Egg


Reef Nutrition products(including Live Tigger Pods)

Julian Sprung Sea Veggies

Spectrum Flakes and Pellets

Ocean Nutrition Flakes and Pellets

Aquadyne Waffers Mix

Garlic Guard!!!






We accept:

Cash, Check, Paypal, First Born and





All prices are limited to stock on hand and are good through 08/27/11. You must mention that you saw this thread to take advantage of the specials.




Note: All pictures are for reference only and exact specimens will very slightly. These pictures are borrowed from other sites and are the property of their respective owners

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Ty Ty. Josh, glad I could help! Thanks for swinging by and grabbin stuff!




I have more in as well including:


Melanarus Wrasses- Males

Tailspot Blennies

Green and Purple reef chromis

Serpent and Brittle stars in several morphs

Money Cowries

Niger Triggers

Tiny Snowflake Eels

Coral Banded and Gold Banded Shrimp

XL Male and Femal Vlamingi Tangs

XL Show Clown Tang

Scopas Tang

Sailfin Tang

Tiny Copperband Butterfly

And much more!

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The shop looks even better than last weekend. Thanks for agreeing to babysit my new fish till their new home is ready.(clap) It's awesome that my favorite fish is going to be the first one in the tank.

Got the 90 in the house and sitting on the stand next to the 29 tonight.... Wow! This thing seems massive.

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