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Free 10 gallon reef(ish) near Salem


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This tank has been running for about three years...I should have broken it down when I moved a year ago, but couldn't part with it. The job I moved for has caused me to let this tank go maintenance-wise, and I'm tired of seeing it. It's not in the greatest shape right now but if someone wants to come get it they can have it. I'm in Monmouth, 15 miles west of Salem.


I'll include a H.O.T. Magnum that I'm running for water circulation but not the light, as I will hopefully get back into keeping tanks at some point. I have pictures of everything but the uploader tells me they're invalid, I can email them no problem.


A Wheeler's Shrimp Goby and a Candycane Pistol Shrimp are the only livestock, there's a few decent size chunks of live rock, a bunch of star polyps and some mushrooms, and a bunch of algae.


Clean it up and use it for a quarantine, take the goby and shrimp out and toss the rest, whatever. Just take it away. I might even consider taking it into Salem.


Call or text me if interested and I'll get back to you. 541-829-nine nine seven nine



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