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Water conditioner


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I have been using Tetra Aqua aquasafe in the tank, we used it in our old freshwater tank (with nerite snail) without issue, but we have .25 ppm copper in our reef now, the two softies seem fine, but we lost one of two brand new peppermint shrimp, and a yellow-tail blue tang that came with the tank, but got 0ch2nt evidence of infection on a microscope.


I'm now suspect of the 'chelating compounds'. My chemistry minor is reminding me that those could include copper...anyone know if this stuff is reef-safe?


For the record, our source water has nearly undetectable copper... Animal house owner was confused.

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Haha animal house owner confused...tell dale mike said hi.


Did you use used crushed coral substrate or liverock? Anything that was used in copper can leech it back into the water. I have seen it happen, and it can be confusing because it doesnt always test much but it really burns snails feet, and they end up upside down.


I would swith from that dechlor. Go with prime. It will help bind those heavy metals. Other than that did anyone drop any pennies in the tank haha jk

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