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Ron Popeil

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are you looking for a big aquarium? a weekend project?


i have a huge starfire glass aquarium in my garage. come pick it up.


180 gallon starfire glass. internal overflow. eurobraced. needs minor seal repair. make an offer. dimensions: 72"L X 24"W X 26"H


come over and take a look. lets talk.


water maker three stage RODI unit. $50 (seriously fifty bucks....just needs new cartridges)


sunlight supply dual 250w halide ballast (one side works only, but is a super inexpensive and easy fix) $30


AQUA_MARISTAR.jpg brand new. never used. 36" dual 250w HQI halide, dual T5 beautiful all in one light. fixture only. $200.


pfometalhalidedualballast.jpg used. dual 400w PFO metal halide ballast. no cables, just ballast. two moguls included! $25



modified kent calcium reactor made into an effective kalk stirrer or media reactor. works great. $30



$40. small sump, dimensions: 24"L X 12"W X 16"H



$150. KR 140 kalk stirrer. essentially brand new!!!


4 x 1" sea swirls. non functioning. maybe one of them does. $25 each


bucket of bioballs $10


eshopps protein skimmer psk75, modified. bigger skimmer, 24" neck. works awesome. $30


assorted VHO/T5 ballasts, reflectors, endcaps for 24" - 36" lamps. $30


white tray sump. drilled with bulkhead, float valve. $15


narrow 13 gallon water top off can with float valve. $10


FRAGS! my tank is in desperate need of pruning. come take some!


orange caps. green caps. blue polyp montipora. ponape birdsnest. green with blue tipped stag. tyree undata. most likely others.




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