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New guy - Nate


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Hi all, I have just started here is my list of equipment: 55 gallon w/ built in overflow, pump (forget which one lol), custom sump 30g, 51 lbs live rock (wanting more), 50 lbs live sand, Ecotech MP10(1 installed/1 on order), octopus 120 skimmer, Coralife t5 ho 48" w/ lunars. So I am always looking for help where I should go, where I shouldn't go or what to do.



- nate

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My systems has only been up for about 4 days now, I do have a few damsels and dragon

goby(not the long one), in also have a few critters that have hitched a ride on my rock I have found 1 maybe 2 brissle worms(don't remember how it is spelled). I also have some cleaners in the tank. It is still cycling though so I know some things will not survive. I also will be doing reef but I have a few months before I can do that. All my live rock was cured prior to me getting it.

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