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Italy Hates Culture!


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There were some contrasts between MTV USA and the National Italian American Foundation and other associations, locally and nationwide.

Between Tony Manero and now, there wasn't much other than Mafia roles related to italian american and big/small screen. So I think is not as bad as they want to see it.

I was reading a comment on The New Yorker that MTV can "give itself a pat on the back for enabling viewers to feel superior to at least eight other people".

And this is true and it is all about that.

I've see one episode and I changed channel not because offended as italian american (which I'm not actually, being still just italian). I changed channel because I just don't like the show.

It's a show playing on stereotypes, I don't see why organizations like The New Jersey office of tourism or some museums in Italy should be worried.

The Guidos are not making your paints look bad, it is just some free advertising.


When I went back to Italy my dad told me that italians abroad are the worst italians you can find (thanks dad!). That's why they left (his theory).

For some reasons, we tend to see people who left Italy as italians still, kinda like if they are representing the country abroad. But they are not, not anymore. Who is concerned about the "image" of Italy that this show is giving is out of track. I'm sure my last sentence is going to offend some italian americans.

We live in a country, the USA, which is made of people coming from all over the world. Jersey Shores is a show about 8 americans at the end ;)

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(laugh) I think this is a truly a tragedy and I have lost many hours of sleep over this. How can Italy ban the Jersey shore?!! Oh the humanity!DOH!(sad)(sad)


Oh for the love of culture let Snooki live!(rock2)(rock2)



Disclaimer: I have never watched a full episode of the Jersey Shore but I am addicted to MTV the Real World (and not afraid to admit it). I do not think 7 strangers picked to live in a house represent America and or that The Real World is truly is the "real world" (laugh)



Thanks Franklin for the birthday morning laugh!(clap)(laugh)

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