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Hey, Clam Police


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I'm looking at adding a clam to the system, think it's ready?




Current setup has been up since April 17 of this year, but all I did was move it across the room and add the 33L,


The old system was set up in August of '10 out of the stuff that was in my Biocube that was set up in June '10, that was set up with the stuff from our 20 gallon that was set up at our house in October of '09. We got the 20 gallon from someone who had the tank for 2 years.




2 56w t5's Purple and 10K

1 250w HQI 14K




Calcium stays around 580

Mag is on the way up and last time I checked it was at 1300

Alk stays around 9

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I feel as if you are speaking directly to me with this thread!(laugh) Really when dealing with clams it's not so much about having an established tank over a year. It's more about having the experience.


Just like the rest of the hobby, doing your research is key.


This is a great link about the care of clams:



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try to find one that has been aqua cultured or tank raised. typically is a healthier specimen. do some research on hardiness of species / light requirements. clams can be difficult to read and often times will not show signs of death until its too late.

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Your Ca seems high, but a clam can take care of that for you.


Things should he fine as long as your parameters are stable...


Do u have any fish? A little ammonia is a good thing.



Also, things to consider are inverts and fish that may nip at a clam...what do u have in your tank with claws? Any angels?



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Here's my stock:


Coral Beauty

Kole Tang

2 Bangai Cardinals

Skunk Clown

6-linned Wrasse


couple of prawn gobies


I've got a skunk cleaner and red/blue leg hermits.


Calcium has always been high. Not sure why, I don't dose anything.


It wont be safe to keep a clam with a coral beauty.


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