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Any Framers out there want to bid a small job


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I have 1 bid already but my Russian is not the best- and I am pretty sure Iam getting a quote for what I need but -(scratch).... would like another-


I’m justkidding, I know I am getting the exact bid I need I just want a second


I am doing a remodel on my family room, demo is happening on June 14th with the framer doing their part on the 15th. I need a "frame" cut into existing wall that separates the garage and family room-its not a load bearing wall but still want a header installed and also install 2 windows, one windowis a 6.6 x 3.0 which I want reduced down to a 6.0 x 3.0 and the other window is astandard 3.0 x 3.0


Anyway if interested in coming out to give me a bid please send a PM we can talk logistics/scope of work at that time-


I wasplanning on paying all in cash but if anyone wants a few corals as part of thepayment I may have something you like if not I got the green


I am off of I-205 and SE Stark St near David Douglas High School




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